01. Oil companies have been [drilling] for oil in the Atlantic for about 10 years.
02. I [drilled] a hole in the wall to put the picture hook into.
03. A major oil company is [drilling] in the far north with the hopes of finding significant reserves there.
04. I hate hearing the sound of the [drill] when I go to the dentist's office.
05. You should [drill] a hole in the wood before trying to put in the screw.
06. The teacher [drilled] the class with the irregular verbs for a couple of days until everyone knew them.
07. I [drilled] the hole in the wrong place, so I have to redo it.
08. In 1859, a workman apparently remarked, "[Drill] for oil? You mean [drill] into the ground to try to find oil? You're crazy."
09. Because they are so hard, most diamonds are used to make tools such as dental [drills] and metal cutters.
10. It is as yet impossible to [drill] deep enough to sample the Earth's core.
11. Some neutron stars spin 600 times a second, which is as fast as a dentist's [drill].
12. Shifting sands in the south of Tunisia make [drilling] for oil difficult and expensive.
13. [Drilling] a well is a difficult and expensive operation.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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